Our Policy

Unison Design Ltd believes in motivation, good behavior and in teaching & learning method. All sorts of behavior that is threatening, abusive or exploitative is restricted in this organization.

We want to make a good environment to work (if that is not out of our Labor Law) for maintain our company and want to develop our Country’s economic side.

Anti Discrimination/Harassment/Abuse

Our company is committed to prohibit discrimination on ground including gender, race, ethnic origin, religion, caste, political belief, region and language. We believe that employment, payment, promotion, appraisal or penalty decisions are made on the basis of an individual’s qualification and capabilities rather that personal piases considering the factors like religion, cast, gender, issue, personal relation, age etc. The company is committed to providing a work environment that ensures that every worker is treated with dignity and respect and afforded equitable treatment. We also committed to promoting a work environment atmosphere and equality of opportunity.

Our company will not tolerate any form of harassment and committed to take all necessary steps to ensure that worker is not subject to discriminate and harassment. The company policy guarantees worker the right to employment in work places free from harassment and discrimination.

Whether favoritism or discrimination, prejudice is an enemy of a free people our company does not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment or prejudice in any internal or external business affairs.

Recruitment Policy

  1. Management published Advertise by News Paper, Poster or other Source for a New Recruit.
  2. Collected 2 copy passport size & 2 copy stamp size photographs, National ID/Birth Certificate copy or Nationality Certification by UP Chairman or City Corporation Commissioner. Educational, Working Experience and others Certificate collect (if necessary).
  3. Working skill, I.Q. test and etc test by Own Department Head and HR Division.
  4. Age and Working Fitness test by Factory/Authorized Doctor. At the time of Service Joining, provide Appointment Letter, Service Guide, Attendance card and Identity Card.
  5. Trained and Acknowledged about Industrial Law, Company Policy and etc. Strictly Prohibited Discrimination on Ground including Gender, Race, Ethnic Origin, Religion, Caste, Political Belief, Region and Language. Never tolerate any form of Discrimination, Harassment or Prejudice in any Internal or External Business affairs.
  6. The Minimum Wages which are fixed by Government is provided.

Working Hour & Wages

In terms of working hours we follow the Code of Conduct of National Labor Law. Weekly duty schedule:

  1. Per day 08 (Eight) hour,
  2. Weekly 48 (Forty Eight) hour,
  3. 06 (Six) day in a week.
  4. Including Over Time (O.T.) work total 60 (Sixty) hours for a week. O.T. rate is double of Basic pay, such as, O.T. Rate = Basic ÷ 204 hour (26 Days X 08 Hours.) * 2 (Double).
  5. One hour rest time for more than 06 (Six) hour or Half hour for more than 05 (Five) hour work.

At least the minimum total compensation required by Local Law. The wages for the workers of each skill level is divided into three components:

  1. Medical = That is fixed at Taka 200.00
  2. Basic pay = (GROSS – MEDICAL) ÷ 1.4
  3. House rent = That is 40 percent of basic pay. Minimum pay for the Assistant workers is Taka 3000. Trainees and apprentices shall be given Taka 2500.00 per month for a maximum period of three month. Payment must be paid within first 07 (Seven) working days in every consecutive month. Payment will be paid in cash


  1. Attendance Bonus: If any worker has no late or absent in a calendar month, will get Attendance Bonus amounting to Taka 200.00 for per month.
  2. Target/Production Bonus: If a worker achieves to fulfill target, then get this bonus.
  3. Festival Bonus: Company pays Two Festival Bonus for a calendar year. (Conditions apply)
  4. Overtime Work: Duty of any holiday, festival leave day or excess work more than 09 (Nine) hours including 01(One) hour rest time, is granted by Overtime Work.
  5. Other Allowances: Conveyance Allowance, Food Allowance, Other Allowance (Conditions Apply).

Leaves & Holidays

All permanent employees will be entitled to enjoy the flowing leaves:

  1. Casual Leave: 10 (ten) days with full pay which cannot be carried forward to the next year.
  2. Sick/Medical Leave: 14 (Fourteen) days with full pay will be granted for calendar year. This leave also cannot be carried forward to the next year.
  3. Festival Leave: 11 (Eleven) days with full pay will be granted for calendar year. These dates shall be fixed and conspicuously notified in the beginning of the year as per Government notification.
  4. Earn/Annual Leave: On completed 01 (One) year continuous service, every adult employee shall be entitled to 01 (One) day for every 18 (Eighteen) working days. This leave can be forward to the next year, but not more than 40 (Forty) days.
  5. Maternity Leave: Woman are allowed to obtain this leave during pregnancy 08 (Eight) week before EDD (Expect Date of Delivery) and 08 (Eight) week after delivery with amount 100 % (One Hundred Percent) of average daily earning.
  6. Weekly Holiday: Every employee is entitled to enjoy 01 (one) full day of rest after every 06 (Six) days interval. No worker shall be required to work on weekly holiday unless they are to be given a holiday in the 03 (three) days before or after the particular rest day or as required by company on emergencies.

Health & Safety Committee

We have a well organized Health & Safety Committee. They have been formed to identify the risk factors and the remedies involve in it.

  1. The committee sits for a meeting once in two months.
  2. Committee does work to motivate workers to use safety equipments.
  3. Find out the threats and suggest the remedy to the management and implement the needful.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) used

Everyone who needs personal protection must be use PPE, as like,

  1. Ear protection equipment, Gas mask, Goggles & Plastic gloves for Generator Operator,
  2. Ear protection equipment, Mask and Scarf for Winding Section,
  3. Apron, Gloves, Goggles, Mask and Gum Boots for Washing and Chemical Section and Spot removing operator. Scarf for all Woman workers.
  4. Mask for all Linking, Knitting and Over/Flat Lock Operator.
  5. Stand on Rubber mat while ironing.
  6. Needle Guard for Plain machine, Eye Guard for Over/Flat Lock machine, Finger Guard for Snap Button/Button Hole machine and Pulley Cover for all Plain or Linking machine.

Pest Control

For protect from Insect, we have a past control system, such as:

  1. Yellowing Lighting system,
  2. Every day anti insect medicine spray to all necessary places,
  3. Minimum One time for every Three month, a authorized Pest Control Organization come to factory and take necessary action to control pest/insect.

Worker Participation Committee

There has a Committee in Factory between management and workers communication.

  1. 50 % Members in this committee come from management including Top Management and 50 % come from workers.
  2. Member of this committee ensure workers right and facility.
  3. They also trained up the employees about Recruitment, Wages/Salary, Overtime Duty, Leave Policy, Resign & Termination, Grievance & Complain System, PPE and Worker Participant Committee.